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Meet Jake

Jake Rohde - Valo Photography

“I am passionate about a couple of things: Photography, Design, and Art. Simply put, these three things consume my life, both in work and in play. Even when I am not physically creating, I am always thinking of what to create next.

I caught the photography bug back in highschool when I started shooting black and white film and developing it in the darkroom we had at school. Ever since highschool I have been bound to the frame. I never really thought I would be a wedding photographer years back. All I saw was traditional work that really didn’t speak to me as a photographer and artist. A good friend asked me to shoot their wedding… however I thought it should be done… so I did. Ever since that wedding I was hooked. I loved every part of it. Capturing the moments, the candid slices of time throughout the day is my all time favorite thing. Telling a story though a series of images. Creating beautiful documentary images. The creativity that goes into a wedding astounds me each and every time I get to photograph one… the details that speak to the people who created them. The joy on everyone’s face and the time I get to spend with them… there are so many reasons why I love wedding photography.”

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