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In Personal Work

By Valo

I love being stranded

On 27, Oct 2011 | No Comments | In Personal Work | By Valo

I love being stranded, lost or delayed.


It gives me time to wander, look, and explore in spaces I might not normally be… and create personal work, the stuff that got me into photography.

The last post, the engagement session with Becca and Bill was down in Chicago. Simon and I traveled down via train. After the session, which was awesome, we headed back to the train station, only to find out that we missed the afternoon train and we would have to wait for a couple hours to catch the next one…


I included some of these in Becca and Bill’s post, because I thought it fit in well with their session. Really all of these would have fit in with their session. There isn’t much difference between the work I make for my clients and the work that I make for myself… maybe content, since the main focus of what people hire me to do is usually photographs of them… but I include little snaps of the day and surroundings in most of my sessions as well, I just think it is all part of the story… it is all part of the day.

Anyways, here are a couple shots from being stranded in Chicago:

Chicago 01

Chicago 02

Chicago 03

Chicago 04

Chicago 05

Chicago 06

I am starting to collect some of this work over on our proofing site, if you are interested in looking at more… or purchasing some prints. I am slowly adding to it, so check back every now and again. Right now the only category is Chicago, from this most recent trip, but I am going to start posting other personal work and projects. Check it out over here.

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